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Clean, Renewable & Sustainable

Morwind is a Collaborative Developer driving floating offshore wind projects forward to realise the potential of the south west

wind farm

Our Mission

The wind is changing and we are changing with it.

Morwind was incorporated in 2020 as a regionally-focused developer operating across the SW Seas, driven by a commitment to:


  • Accelerate decarbonisation within the energy sector through the rapid growth of floating offshore wind
  • Secure the maximum local, regional and national benefits from floating offshore wind and maintain the UK’s position as a frontrunner in deployment and innovation
  • Optimise the productivity of offshore sites in terms of energy, multi-use and marine stewardship, whilst delivering best practice in sustainable development – economics, environment and people
  • Favour partnership-based development to capture lessons learned from previous offshore experience, facilitate innovation and build on existing regional expertise in the sector.



  • Embedded within the offshore wind sector in the UK and overseas
  • Initiated and co-developed R1, R2 and R3 projects within the UK
  • Provided consenting support to over 35 GW of offshore wind around the world
  • Delivered marine resource, energy and infrastructure management and development in UK waters for over 30 years

Deep rooted UK knowledge

  • In-depth knowledge of the UK marine environment, consenting and development sectors
  • Strong relationships with key stakeholders, legal and technical resources
  • Longstanding relationships in the SW region – communities; offshore businesses; universities; public sector

A commitment

We strive to encourage collaboration between private and public sectors to remove barriers, develop key infrastructure and optimise the expansion of the local and UK supply chain.

At Morwind we take a partnership-based development approach to facilitate innovation and diversity in thinking.

Our goal is to develop a pipeline of commercial, large-scale Floating offshore wind projects in the UK EEZ with initial focus on the South West peninsula.

We take a responsible risk-based approach to development activities and investment

The resource

The South West seas offer some of the largest and least constrained wind resource areas in the UK, with clear potential for projects south, west and north around the SW Peninsula.

The big idea

Floating offshore wind represents the next step in realising the benefits renewable energy can deliver Regionally, Nationally and Internationally, securing achievement of our Net Zero goals.

Benefits for the future

We are proud to be championing the potential benefits that can be delivered to the local and UK supply chain, to local and regional communities and in ensuring energy sustainability for future generations.

Social Impact

Social Licence – Maximising the South West Capability

SW Local Industrial Strategies identify floating offshore wind as a key pillar for growth

Achieving Net Zero by 2050 requires the SW to optimise the exploitation of its abundant natural capital and reinvigorate its industrial heritage and pioneering culture

Academic and Research Excellence

The SW hosts a community of world class business and research assets in marine renewables and marine autonomy

South West Catalyst for Innovation

Innovative hubs, including Plymouth FREEPORT, with import and export tax reliefs to help drive jobs, growth, and innovation, and increase prosperity in the surrounding area